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Here you can add your shop or program to Online Shopping Guide.

This is how your Business will be listed:

Premium Listing will see your link logo or banner on every page in this site.
Premium listings are limited to a maximum of 4 spots. Spaces are currently available. Order now to avoid disappointment.

Premium listings will appear under the search bar in the right hand column on every page.

Standard Listing will give you a post about your product, company or service in this site in the category of your choice.

If there is no category that is suitable for your Business we will add a new category
upon request or at our discretion. You  may add a small graphic or logo if applicable.


Sites  Accepted

Any legal online business.


Sites  Not Accepted

Porn sites or adult affiliate programs or MLM
X-Rated sites
Illegal sites or warez sites
Only English sites accepted.


Listing Options

Cost $50 per month for a Premium Listing.

Cost $10 per month for a standard Listing.

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