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iCARD Gift Card the Perfect Gift Card. Buying a gift card is fast and convenient with the new iCARD Gift Card. Your lucky gift recipient can choose among hundreds of gift cards and gift certificates and even divide their purchases between multiple stores. Take the guessing out of gifting. Buy the iCARD Gift Card and email it instantly. It’s the perfect gift card to giveā€”and to receive for last minute gifts, holiday gifts, year-end gifts and corporate rewards and incentives.


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4 thoughts on “iCard Gift Card”

  1. Worst gift ever
    I got this gift card June 15. Its July 13 and this is my second attempt to redeem it, and still nothing. First they were out of PF Changs for 2 weeks, so I cancelled. Now, I’ve waited over 2 weeks for Maggianos. I asked them to just tell me what they have that’s in stock, instead of making me play these waiting games, but they said they do not have a list of their inventory, so I just have to keep trying till I find a something they actually have stock of. I guess the scam is they wear you out so you just give up and they get to keep the money. Based on the other reviews I’ve seen, that’s what’s going on. Worst gift ever!!!!!!

  2. ICARD is an awful operation. What was supposed to be delivered in 24-48 hours took over a month. They have zero inventory on most items, but instead operate simply as a broker. When an ICARD recipient redeems the card, they go and buy it. My best guess for the delays on peoples orders is that they do not often have the cash on hand, but use incoming cash to fill waiting orders. (I believe that is called a pyramid scheme)

  3. Will not use them again! An iCard gift was emailed to me and when I chose my card I thought, “wow, what a great service”. However, that was over a month ago now. I have emailed them once and will keep trying but I find it fishy that there is not a number to call or anything. Don’t trust them!

  4. I would not go so far as to say that iCard is a scam, but they are certainly an awful operation to be avoided at all costs. Myself and my coworkers who had also received cards waited for many, many days for the cards to arrive, so I finally contacted their customer service. The woman with whom I spoke- Debbie- was by far the single rudest customer service associate with whom I have ever spoken. She interrupted me, offered to “educate me on how to use email,” and even threatened me by telling me she was going to get in touch with the contact she had at my company’s corporate office to tell of them our interaction. She was clearly defensive about the fact that I hadn’t received good service.

    Avoid this company.

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