yourbestdeals reviewYourBestDeals finds an “exclusive” deal in your city every day. That means you get outstanding discounts (up to 90% savings) on restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, resorts, weekend getaways, spas, massages, facials, museum tickets, wine tasting, fun lifestyle activities for the social urbanite and the rest of the best your city has to offer.

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  1. i had the same problem. paid $15 for a coupon supposed to be good for a $40 “bebalanced” watch. the next day i put my coupon code into their site and it said that code had expired though it was supposed to be good for 6 months after purchase. i emailed bebalanced because yourbestdeals states they will not do anything about it. no response. i tried the coupon code again today but to no avail. conveniently bebalanced does not list a phone number and they don’t reply to emails. i doubt either are legit companies. looks like someone has a pretty clever way to screw us cheapies out of money SOL :(

  2. To Samantha Mollner – That guarantee is a LIE! I created an order through “YourBestDeals” on 2/27/2013 (Invoice ID: 112641), the money was extracted via Paypal IMMEDIATELY, but the items never arrived. I tried to call via the phone number provided in the confirmation email and the number had been DISCONNECTED! I emailed several times and NOBODY REPLIED! I am now escalating a dispute with PayPal (since I wasted so much time attempting to contact you on my own I surpassed 45 day dispute date… ironic that your confirmation stated delivery would be 4-6 weeks), as well as starting a letter writing campaign, beginning with my State Attorney General and the BBB.

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